Wednesday, 13 July 2016 16:34

Real Stone Soup | Refood 5th Anniversary

Do you know the legend of the Stone Soup?




“Once, there was a smart friar who, for food, would go to the villagers home, and guarantee that he could make a delicious soup with just one stone. Those who received him, were eager to understand how it was possible, and so would satisfy all his requests "If only you could give me a little clove of garlic, it would really be delicious," "It's almost ready, but with a bit of bacon …"" And some cabbage leaves... " And so on, until the pan was full of good things and the soup was delicious, with the stone in the bottom, and everything else that the friar had managed to be given. In the end the friar carefully removed the stone from the pot, washed it and put it back in his sack ... until the next soup.”




This is the legend of the Stone Soup.
On the 18th September, let’s make one of our own and, together, help celebrate the 5th Anniversary of REFOOD, serving 1000 meals to volunteers and beneficiaries in a commemorative lunch.

If you would like to join this cause, make your donation. Add your ingredient to ours. More information on our Hotel's Receptions.

REFOOD rescues food condemned to waste, but in perfect condition, and turns it into thousands of meals to those in need.

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