Friday, 23 August 2019 15:10

Real Hotels Group Distinguished for Human Resources good practices



3rd place and best hotel chain in the Big Business category

It's a great result that tells us we're on the right track. Thanks to our employees and to those who, every day, contribute to make the Real Hotels Group a very special company.

The Index of Excellence is a study of organizational climate and human capital development, carried out by Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting in partnership with Human Resources Portugal, Executive Digest and INDEG-ISCTE, through which Human Resources practices in Portugal are analyzed, and the organizations that invest the most in this area are honored. As a basis is made a survey to all employees and top management.




It is with great satisfaction that we are considered one of the 20 most attractive companies to work, according to the perception of the Portuguese people.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is the largest independent study of employer brand conducted to more than 200,000 respondents in 32 countries. This study is based on perceptions of the active population and reflects on the attractiveness of companies that are among the 150 biggest employers in each country, well known to, at least, 10% of the population. The study also analyzes the motivations of talent and the mobility index. In Portugal, the Employer Brand Research distinguishes every year the most attractive companies to work for.

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