They say that love from afar doesn't exist, but this proves them wrong.
When you are thanking those you most appreciate and whose value and importance you recognise in your life, distance doesn't matter. Even from far away, you can be so close. In your memories and recollections... Or like this, at the click of a mouse.
Thank you for the visits you have made to us, for those you are still to make, and for the one you are making now.
Thank you for making us part of your life and for making us think up ways of surprising you over the last 20 years.
Thank you for choosing us to be your home, if only for a few hours.
Thank you for all the lunches and dinners you have had with us, for the challenging days of work, for the liveliest parties, and the long-awaited and well-deserved holidays that you have spent with us. For the observations, the suggestions, for all we have learnt with you and improved, with you always in mind.
Our mission is to provide you with the best experiences we can offer: our Portuguese experiences, those that we carry in our genes.
Thank you for allowing us to support you and be with you for 20 years, living Portugal!

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