In Real Hotels Group, we integrate social and environmental concerns in our daily operations. We positively contribute in managing social and environmental impacts and therefore increasing our competitiveness. The decisions we make are considering the communities where we operate and the environment by investing in infrastructures.

Environmental Practices


  • Whenever possible we favor natural daylight;
  • About 60% of our facilities are equipped with technology either LED bulbs or low energy;
  • We use motion detectors equipped with timers;
  • We encourage our guests and co-workers to switch off lighting, when not required.

Energy Management

  • We use isolation in air ducts, pipes and refrigeration deposits and air conditioning;
  • The air conditioning system in the rooms is only available when the clients is in the room;
  • All windows have a level of thermal insulation according to the climate and sun exposure;
  • We perform periodic preventive maintenance on HVAC systems;
  • Televisions and remaining lighting are switched off automatically when the guest leaves the room.

Urban Waste Management

  • Fats from wastewater from kitchens;
  • Cooking oil after use;
  • Glass;
  • Card board;
  • Batteries;
  • Lamps;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Green waste.

Water Management

  • The toilets are installed with half discharge systems and/or a stop discharge system;
  • Install flow reducers on all faucets with washbasins limited to a maximum of 8 liters per minute;
  • The irrigation system is activated during the night, to minimize the effects of evaporation, depending on the type of vegetation and atmospheric conditions;
  • The dish and clothes washers operate with economic programs.

Environmentally friendly websites with Zero CO2 Emission

  • All the power consumed by the websites via server shall be offset by the production of power from renewable sources free of CO2 emissions, with no negative impact on the environment and assuring neutralisation of the carbon footprint. Certificate issued on 20 April 2015 by Green 4 Networks.

Supporting Institutions

Since 2007, Real Hotels Group supports the "SOS Children" Association by performing actions such as the "Week of Chocolate" at Hotel Real Palácio, or the Mother's Day campaign , which runs on all units in the group with the single aim to raise funds and promote the cause of the institution.
Real Hotels Group also supports the foundation "Make a Wish " to help the dreams of children and youngsters with serious illnesses become true, offering accommodation services and catering units.


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