Make your journey a real story.

At Real Hotels Group, you will find many opportunities to give sense to your career. Choose your way out of one the 10 hotels we have in Lisbon, Cascais, Oeiras, Albufeira and Olhão. More than offering job opportunities, we look for people to work as a team and who accept the challenge of daily surpassing themselves to delivery an excellence service. Here, at Real Hotels Group, we are passionate about Portugal and about what we do.



    "Being Real, more than being part of a group of 800 employees, is to be ourselves. It is to be considered, and with that we grow and excel. We are aware of our contribution and active role in the company's activity. It is working so well in a team that is reflected in a service of excellence. It's good to be part of this REAL team."

    Andreia Santos
    Sales Coordinator


    "Working at Real Hotels Group is a constant personal and professional learning and development experience. Since 2003 in the company, I have seen an exponential growth of the chain at the level of units and people. I have real friends and unique professionals working with me. In the morning I do not come to work, I come to the Grande Real Villa Itália!"

    Cristovão Silva
    Director of SPA and Customer Experience Manager
    Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & SPA


    "For me, being REAL is part of a team that is always willing to help us. It is a unique experience. I've been part of other groups, but this one is totally different - I identify more with how to work here."

    Danilson Santos
    Real Palácio Hotel


    "Being REAL is belonging to part of a great family, an excellent team of professionals who do their best not only to exceed themselves but also to exceed all expectations. Work is a necessity, but being happy where we work is indeed fantastic. And that's how I feel, happy. For me to be REAL is a privilege."

    Ana Filipa Brízido
    Revenue Assistant


    "Feeling Grande Real Santa Eulália is like feeling at home! It is an iron will to welcome and to create true bonds of friendship and sympathy. Ensure the satisfaction of all those who daily motivate us to give our best. Because to be Real is to be right with life and with others."

    Lucas Pereira
    Maítre d’Hotel
    Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel SPA


    "It's a pleasure to be Real! Thank you very much for the personal and professional enrichment that I have lived with you. I want to continue to live SPEC in the company of all of you."

    Maria Manuela Martins
    Central Reservations


    "Working in this Group has been an unparalleled experience. The team is fantastic and there is a great proximity between management and employees. The knowledge that I have acquired, the possibility they give me every day to learn more, the activities for employees and family, the opportunities for progression, everything has been excellent. I love this family, I love this Group."

    Sandro Nobre


    "To be REAL is to be special, to be different! Real Hotels Group relies essentially on its human capital, valuing the potential of people and above all encouraging change, growth, training, everything that promotes the exit from our comfort zone, which effectively, is what makes us Not only in professional and personal terms."

    Sofia Canas
    Hotel Director
    Real Oeiras Hotel


    "Real Hotels are an inspiration to creativity. For those who believe that hotels run the dualtone business, the Real Hotels have proved to me an immense variety of shapes and colors. From people to shared experiences, from collaboration to sincere feeling of belonging, to me Real Hotels, more than a job are a home."

    Vânia Gonçalves
    Graphic Designer


    "Being Real to me is everything. I really like what I do, and work at this hotel. I love the bosses, I feel respected and valued. From here I do not want to leave, I love the Real Hotels Group, I feel that they like me and I feel very welcome here. I am very pleased to be part of the Real team!"

    Daniela Moreira
    Housekeeping Real Parque Hotel


    "In 2015 I was lucky enough to join this company, of which I never thought I would be a part. Today, I can say that I have the job I've always dreamed of. You realize that you really love what you do and the company where you work when you wake up every day with a desire to go to work! Here I found a family and meeting, with each passing day, another reason to feel really happy."

    Joana Timóteo
    Human Resources

Being Real

Being Real is the Human Resources policy that illustrates the life cycle of the Real Hotels Group’s employee.
Here we recognize our employees as the most valuable asset of the company, being the secret of business.
The successes we achieve are representative of our mission, the Passion for Excellence.

  • Real Check-In

    Real Check-In

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real Check In

    Real Check-In

    We are masters in the welcoming art.
    We integrate you from the first moment.

    Real Check-in is a welcoming and integration program for all Real Hotels Group’s new interns and employees. When you’ll get here, you will have a team that will keep up with you on this journey. We welcome you and present you our world that will also become yours. We show you “the corners of the house” and share our best practices. All to make you feel truly Real.

  • Real academy

    Real Academy

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real Academia

    Real academy

    We generate knowledge.
    Training so that you are always learning.

    If you want to learn, Real Academy has the training that suits your needs. Whether in theory or in practice, in long-term courses or one-day workshops, there are many options we have to widen your knowledge in the numerous areas that make up the hotel sector. As for tuition, it’s up to us. You will have no excuse to not go!

  • Real pro

    Real Pro

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real Pro

    Real pro

    We manage your career, creating opportunities for your future.

    We do not manage positions or vacancies; we talk and we listen to you. We try to understand what moves you, what challenges you and where you can go. We generate opportunities and give you freedom to generate your owns, leading us every day further. At Real Hotels Group the future is also in your hands.

  • Real ao vivo

    Real Live

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real Ao Vivo

    Real Live

    We are transparent and we share all the information.
    We’ll let you know what’s going on in our house.

    To talk about business, it’s important that we know what’s going on in our business. Real Live corresponds to a diversity of actions where we share with all the employees how the Group is and what its direction is going. And because to draw the future you need to be aware of the present, throughout the year, there are several moments of balance in which your participation is essential.

  • Real equilíbrio

    Real Balance

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real Equilibrio

    Real Balance

    We believe and care for the harmony between work and personal life.
    We think of benefits for you and your family.

    Zé, Maria, António and you play different roles throughout the day, but they are the same person. Although the work occupies much of our time, our personal life occupies a large part of our mind. At Real Balance we seek to provide you with moments and tools for your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Real +

    Real +

    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Real

    Real +

    We offer you benefits so that the expensive becomes cheap.
    That way you can always save!

    When we are the costumers, we also want special attention. We establish partnerships in health, aesthetics, among other areas of services, offering you exclusive conditions.

  • Spectáculo


    Grupo Hoteis Real Recrutamento Spectaculo


    When working is a party.
    Annually we plan activities with a single objective: gathering.

    We believe that fun can also be part of our work. Having a good working environment and assuming what we are individually is the key to achieving good team results. So we plan fun and sports activities where you can relax and get to know your colleagues better. We do not compete, but we celebrate closely to make tomorrow even more fun than today.

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We are in a moment of transformation of mentalities, ours and of the others, our family, our friends, our colleagues, clients and partners. This is the time when our ATTITUDE is worth gold.Because attitude generates attitude and because we do not let others decide our future, and the future of our world.



    More than 70 participants, among employees and partners of Real Hotels Group, contributed to colour the Albufeira Fire Station, again, by painting its windows, doors, gates, railings and walls!



    We donate an average of over 120 meals a day to associations such as REFOOD and MIMAR.NA CASA DE 160 HERÓIS.



    Annually a team of about 50 volunteers spend a morning at Ria Formosa in Olhão, collecting an average of 1000kg of garbage from the sand and forest areas.

  • Quem Somos e Onde Estamos

    Who we are and where we are

    In 1994, João Bernardino Gomes founded the Portuguese hotel group: Real Hotels and the first unit opened to the public in central Lisbon. Hotel Real Parque has become one of the landmark hotels of the Portuguese capital. Today our Group has 10 units in the regions of Lisbon and the Algarve.

    In 2006, João Bernardino Gomes left us his legacy, under the Administration of Mrs. Auzíria Gomes. With nearly two decades of existence, the Group is ruled by the same principles and values on which it was initially built.

    To be proud of whom we are, what and how we build is our greatest reward; we know that our story will always be different from the others.

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  • Excellence Index
  • Excellence Index

    3rd place and best hotel chain in the category of big companies


    We are very proud to receive the award in the 3rd place and best hotel chain, in the big companies category, of Excellence Index 2018!

    It's a great result that tells us we're on the right track. Thank you to our employees and to those who, every day, contribute to make the Real Hotels Group a very special company.

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