João Bernardino Gomes was born on June 22, 1934 in Abrantes. He was a Businessman in the construction industry and property development for over 50 years and in the hotel industry and tourism promotion for about 25 years. He was also responsible for founding several companies such as the Constructions Society João Bernardino Gomes SA and the Real Hotels Group in Portugal.

In 1949, João Bernardino Gomes was driven by curiosity and left behind the Ribatejo landscape towards the busy city of Lisbon. He was only 14 years old, far from thinking that would start his career in the construction industry and shortly after he would be investing in his first business.

The first step stone was with a project in front of the train station in Carcavelos, followed by other works along the Estoril coast. Quickly realized that the Construction industry was his life, not only for its natural gift but also for the pleasure he had in everything he did. If you asked him what his occupation was, he would reply without hesitation: " I'm a construction industrial. The builders have to be graduates and I 'm not."

He invested in the purchase and sale of estate, he suddenly had to leave Portugal when the military coup stroke on the 25th April 1974. Our founder traveled to northwest Africa, founding some companies in Morocco and returned again to Portugal in 1977, to build the Villa Magna, at the time it was the largest private work in the Algarve.

Over nearly six decades João Bernadino Gomes materialized numerous businesses, particularly in the district of Lisbon and the Algarve. In the Real estate will always be remembered by the following projects:

  • Residential and Commercial Building at Av 25 April in Cascais , with 75 apartments and several shops (Residences Cascais / Onda Branca);
  • Industrial Park in Abóbada with 8 + 14 building lots with offices and warehouses;
  • Residential and Commercial Building at Rua D. João V, in Lisbon , with 110 apartments and a shopping center (Amoreiras Plaza / CC 7ª Avenida);
  • Residential and Commercial Building "Farol Gibalta" in Quinta da Gibalta, Caxias, with 64 apartments with pool and a trade bloc;
  • Commercial and Residential Building at Rua Filipe Folque / Rua Pinheiro Chagas , in Lisbon with 15 apartments and 6 shops;
  • Residential and Commercial Building, "Páteo de Belém", Rua Gonçalves Zarco, Lots 1 and 2, in Lisbon, with 50 apartments and several shops . Winner of the Oscar for Best Housing Building 2005 BNC Award 2005;
  • Residential and commercial Building "Mar da Palha", in 3:17:02 Lot Parque das Nações where the Expo 98 was, with 45 apartments and 6 shops.

Being in love with Portugal and believing in the talent of the Portuguese people, he understood that the hotel industry would be an excellent investment for the future. In 1994, João Bernardino Gomes founded the Real Hotels Group, a Portuguese Hotel Group that currently has 10 units namely in the regions of Algarve and Lisbon. In 2006, João Bernardino Gomes left us his legacy, now under the administration of his wife, Mrs. Auzíria Gomes.


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