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Marine Megafauna in the Algarve

It is part of our hotelier spirit to take care of people and places. With attitude, commitment and passion we shall create a better world.

With the Marine Environment Research Association, discover the marine species, and their ecosystems, that inhabit the Algarve.

Friday, 2nd September | 9:30pm
Location: Lobby of Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa
Free – No reservation needed

AIMM – Marine Environment Research Association, is a Portuguese environmental and non-profit organization dedicated to the research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, especially of those inhabiting in the south coast of Portugal.

“Reciclar é Alimentar” Project

At Real Hotels Group we integrate social and environmental concerns into our daily operations, so the involvement in the “Reciclar é Alimentar” Project comes very naturally.

We are proud to thank our employees at Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa and at Real Marina Hotel & Spa, who recycled 241 kg of Nespresso capsules during 2021, and contributed to a global donation of 256 ton of rice to the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome.

The “Reciclar é Alimentar” Project was born in Portugal as a way to reuse coffee grounds and has already been replicated in several European countries. When you deliver your capsules for recycling, a Nespresso partner separates the sludge from the aluminum. The aluminum follows the recycling line and is integrated into new objects and the sludge integrates an agricultural compound that is used in rice fields, in Alcácer do Sal. This rice is later purchased by Nespresso and donated to the Food Bank Against Hunger.

It is part of our hotel spirit to take care of people and places. With attitude, commitment, and passion we will create a better world.

Jobs for Ukraine

AHP has been monitoring the serious situation in Ukraine and has launched, as the Associates know, the SOS Ukraine initiative, through which, and thanks to the generosity of the national hotel industry, we have delivered goods where they are most needed.

Because we want to help more and we know that employment is essential for all those who choose our country as a refuge, AHP launched the 1st AHP Job Fair: JOBS FOR UKRAINE, an event that will allow refugees from Ukraine, who are residing in the Lisbon region, have access to job opportunities.

This is an experimental event, launched within the scope of the HOPES Programme, so it will be limited in size and to the Lisbon region, in this first edition.

It will take place at the Hotel Real Palácio on the 1st of June 2022.

Covid-19 New Official Measures

We inform you that the Council of Ministers, on 21.04.2022, established new measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the main measure being to publicize the end of the mandatory use of masks inside hotels, restaurants, bars and similars.

Learn more about OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU and feel safe with us!


See official information at Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 41-A/2022 | DRE

Father’s Day

At Real Hotels Group we celebrate special moments! If you still don’t have a program and/or gift for your Dad, get to know our options!


Is your dad one of those bench coaches?
On March 19th, take your dad to see the ball and we’ll offer you drinks!


Real Sports Bar Veal Burger , caco bread, cheese and bacon, french fries
€ 7,00 + Drink Offer 25 CL

Veal, garlic butter on the caco bread, french fries
€ 9,00 + Drink Offer 25 CL

Veal, caco bread, bacon, cheese, aragula, tomato, onion sauce with portobello mushrooms, french fries
€ 9,00 + Drink Offer 25 CL

From 3pm to 00:00am

Rua São Sebastião da Pedreira 234 C, 1050-210 Lisbon
(+351) 213 199 500 |



[Benefit: Toning, Detox and Relaxation]

Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa || 80 min. | € 120
Real Bellavista Hotel & Spa || 80 min. | € 90


[Benefit: Toning, Detox and Relaxation]

Real Marina Hotel & Spa 70 min. || Before : € 120 After: €100


Real Spa Therapy | Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa
(+351) 289 598 030 |

Real Spa Therapy | Real Marina Hotel & Spa
(+351) 289 091 310 |

Treatments by appointment, valid until 31/03/2022.


Learn more here »»

The Christmas Spa Gifts Week campaign is coming with 50% OFF on gift vouchers!

Christmas Spa Gifts Week

Anticipate your Christmas gifts and offer health and well-being with gift vouchers for Therapeutic Massages and Holistic Therapies Real Spa Therapy.

The Christmas Spa Gifts Week is back and this time with one week duration. Anticipate the purchase of your Christmas gifts and avoid last-minute rush. One week with 50% discount on the purchase of selected Therapeutic Massages and Holistic Therapies vouchers.

Offer health and well-being this Christmas with Real Spa Therapy gift vouchers, where natural ingredients from each region and their properties are used to obtain even more effective results, with proven benefits in physical, mental and emotional balance, well-being, blood circulation, anti-cellulite, anti-aging or detox.

Sea water is one of the ingredients of excellence and stands out for carrying out treatments with thalassotherapy, available in Cascais and Albufeira.

Some of the massages available are already best sellers at Real Spa Therapy Spas. You will have available with 50% discount, the Craniofacial Massage with moisturizing lavender cream, the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, the Relaxation Therapy with Hot Stones, or the Relaxing Massage for two with an aphrodisiac potion based on cinnamon and pepper, among others.

This Christmas campaign is valid only at Real Spa Therapy and from the 20th to the 28th of November 2022, for in-person purchases at the Cascais, Albufeira and Olhão Spas, or by phone/email, by sending a digital voucher by email.

The vouchers purchased by this campaign will be valid from January 3, 2022 until December 28, 2022, except for the period from February 12 to 14, 2022 and subject to prior booking and availability of the Spas.

See the Real Spa Therapy massages and therapies included in the Christmas Spa Gifts Weekend campaign here.

Maxime Comedy Club is back to Maxime

The Maxime Comedy Club is back at Maxime, from November 13th, for the liveliest nights in Lisbon.

Curated by comedian Guilherme Duarte, comedy nights with unlikely hosts and established or emerging comedians are back on Maxime’s stage.

Maxime Restaurante-Bar, in partnership with the humorist Guilherme Duarte, returns to have comedy nights with the Maxime Comedy Club.

In this new season of comedy, where anything can happen, you’ll be able to watch moments of comedy with unlikely hosts, established and emerging comedians who will present new and first-hand jokes.

The premiere is scheduled for November 13th (ALREADY SOLD OUT), at 09:30pm, on a night that will feature comedian Vasco Elvas – Fala Barato, who when he told his family that he wanted to make a living from comedy, they called him a Fala Barato. Well, Vasco Elvas lives up to this name and brings together some of his favorite comedians (just to convince them that he says these things, but didn’t it work?) for a stand-up test show, where he’ll talk about all for the modest sum of ten euros. Cheap, isn’t it?

If you didn’t get tickets for the first session of Vasco Elvas, he already has a new date on January 27th, 2022.

If you prefer another type of mood, on December 2nd and 3rd at 9:30 pm, there is “Psychotherapy” with Joana Gama. There is a fact that is not known by the public in general (neither the average), that was Joana Gama who invented podcasts. She was sitting under an apple tree, an mp3 fell on top of her and sound was made. And, therefore, nothing like taking advantage of a brilliant idea, which is to make a live podcast, and this opportunity not only to sell some tickets, but also to feed the Psychotherapy podcast. Maybe Joana has had enough of talking to herself or maybe she just wants to be looked by people while she talks. Anything is possible when the soul is not I don’t know what.

Guilherme Duarte, the comedian responsible for curating the Maxime Comedy Club, says:
“The Maxime Comedy Club is coming back. After what happened (the pandemic, I don’t know if you’ve heard?) we’ll be back with the comedy nights we’ve always used to you. No restrictions, neither sanitary nor humorous. I’m still responsible for the curatorship, but actually I don’t do much other than send some bitaites to those who really work to make these nights happen. There will continue to be open mic space for beginners in this world of comedy, deluded that this is even a good life, and big names on the line, as well as the possibility of big unexpected surprises every night. At a time when more comedy clubs and stand-up spaces are emerging in Lisbon and the rest of the country, it is important to invest in these spaces to keep the stand-up alive and present and to have spaces for comedians to test new jokes and evolve every time most. I said the word “spaces” too many times, I’m sorry.”

During the shows, and to overcome the dry jokes, you can have a beer or a cocktail. And if the munchies hit it, there’s also a special Maxime Comedy Club menu. The annoying thing is that it’s not for free, but the prices are good.

Admission to the shows is €10 and tickets are for sale at Ticketline. The new dates of the shows will be informed on social networks and regular channels, as they are confirmed.

Join our Instagram and keep an eye out for the poster of upcoming issues.
Recalling the past and reinventing the future, Maxime Restaurante-Bar continues to be a reference comedy space in Lisbon, signed by Guilherme Duarte and Nuno Pires, produced by SETLIST.

Learn more at Maxime Restaurante-Bar

You can now discount your IVAucher balance in our Hotels

Enjoy the benefits of IVAucher in our Hotels simply, quickly and free of charge!

Between October 1st and December 31st, use the IVAucher benefit accumulated in participating establishments and receive a refund of up to 50% of the invoice amount, with the percentage calculated according to the available IVAucher Balance.

To take advantage of the IVAucher Balance Benefit, you only have to register by following the following steps:

How to join?

1st Go to and select the join option
2nd Then, fill in your consumer data, The NIF, e-mail and telephone contact entered, must be unique by Taxpayer.
3rd Finally, validate your registration through The Tax Authority Page Authentication.

What are the advantages of joining IVAucher?

From 1st October until 31st December, you can use your IVAucher balance for payments you make at our establishments. You will pay the invoice in full, and in 48 working hours, you will be credited to the account of the payment card used, the amount of the benefit calculated according to the available balance.
Then you won’t have to do anything else!

Para mais informações, utilize o formulário de Ajuda disponível em

September is hotel’s reopening time!

Still on time to enjoy end of summer with unique City Breaks, Real Hotels group will be reopening 4 properties in Lisbon and Oeiras.

On September 1st, the Hotel Real Oeiras reopens, in Paço de Arcos. We are ready to accommodate our corporate clients resuming their work stays in the business área. A corporate hotel that will follow the trend of reopening companies in that business area.
Also on September 1st, we reopen the Holiday Inn Express Saldanha, in Lisbon. Located right in the heart of the city, it is an excellent unit for a family or business visit.
On September 3rd, it’s Hotel Real Palácio time – our elegant 5* in Lisbon city center reopens. Known for its great location in the city and for its service, where guests feel at home.


And finally, on September 17th, the iconic Maxime Hotel reopens, in Praça da Alegria in Lisbon. The expectation to this reopening was high and we are excited to announce the return of the bold and glamourous Cabaret shows. More news about the shows soon!


To find out more information about current offers click here.

There is a new bar on Santa Eulália beach in Albufeira!

Santa Eulália Beach

With the PRAIA Beach Bar you no longer need to take your foot off the sand to eat an iconic “bola de berlim” or drink a natural fresh fruit juice.

This is the new spot this summer on your favorite beach in the Algarve. Now, eating a snack on the beach or ordering a drink is almost at the reach of an arm. A concession by the Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa.

There are many options, from the sweetest to the healthiest. There is the famous “pastel de nata”, the yummi “bola de berlim”, french fries, tuna or chicken baguettes for a light lunch, nachos with guacamole to accompany a refreshing drink and even crudités for the healthier or vegetarian. And you can top it all off with fresh fruit of the day or a nice ice cream.
To drink… in addition to the usual drinks, there are fresh fruit juices of the day or a good coffee to wake up from a siesta on the beach.

The opening hours of the PRAIA Beach Bar are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, every day, during the summer.

Learn more here about the offers we have for stays at the Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa.

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