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First underwater exhibition in Portuguese maritime territory

Santa Eulália Beach receives underwater exhibition

Published on:
May 18, 2023

Starting in May, Praia de Santa Eulália will host the first underwater exhibition in portuguese maritime territory. 

The works were created by Vhils from pieces coming from EDP’s deactivated thermoelectric power stations in order to generate a new artificial reef. They will be submerged at a depth of about 12 meters and will only be visited by qualified divers.    

The installation will have no negative impact on the ecosystem, representing an environmental asset that will contribute positively to the development of the local ecosystem. 

The EDP Art Reef was developed with the support of entities such as the Municipality of Albufeira, Turismo de Portugal and CCMar (University of the Algarve), and validated by the Directorate General of Natural Resources and the Portuguese Environment Agency, as well as other competent entities.

Starting in May

Location: Santa Eulália Beach, Albufeira, in front of the Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa
Free | Only visitable by divers
Vhils, artistic name of Alexandro Farto, is an urban artist known for his public murals and art installations.

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