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Maxime Comedy Club is back to Maxime

Published on:
November 10, 2021

The Maxime Comedy Club is back at Maxime, from November 13th, for the liveliest nights in Lisbon.

Curated by comedian Guilherme Duarte, comedy nights with unlikely hosts and established or emerging comedians are back on Maxime’s stage.

Maxime Restaurante-Bar, in partnership with the humorist Guilherme Duarte, returns to have comedy nights with the Maxime Comedy Club.

In this new season of comedy, where anything can happen, you’ll be able to watch moments of comedy with unlikely hosts, established and emerging comedians who will present new and first-hand jokes.

The premiere is scheduled for November 13th (ALREADY SOLD OUT), at 09:30pm, on a night that will feature comedian Vasco Elvas – Fala Barato, who when he told his family that he wanted to make a living from comedy, they called him a Fala Barato. Well, Vasco Elvas lives up to this name and brings together some of his favorite comedians (just to convince them that he says these things, but didn’t it work?) for a stand-up test show, where he’ll talk about all for the modest sum of ten euros. Cheap, isn’t it?

If you didn’t get tickets for the first session of Vasco Elvas, he already has a new date on January 27th, 2022.

If you prefer another type of mood, on December 2nd and 3rd at 9:30 pm, there is “Psychotherapy” with Joana Gama. There is a fact that is not known by the public in general (neither the average), that was Joana Gama who invented podcasts. She was sitting under an apple tree, an mp3 fell on top of her and sound was made. And, therefore, nothing like taking advantage of a brilliant idea, which is to make a live podcast, and this opportunity not only to sell some tickets, but also to feed the Psychotherapy podcast. Maybe Joana has had enough of talking to herself or maybe she just wants to be looked by people while she talks. Anything is possible when the soul is not I don’t know what.

Guilherme Duarte, the comedian responsible for curating the Maxime Comedy Club, says:
“The Maxime Comedy Club is coming back. After what happened (the pandemic, I don’t know if you’ve heard?) we’ll be back with the comedy nights we’ve always used to you. No restrictions, neither sanitary nor humorous. I’m still responsible for the curatorship, but actually I don’t do much other than send some bitaites to those who really work to make these nights happen. There will continue to be open mic space for beginners in this world of comedy, deluded that this is even a good life, and big names on the line, as well as the possibility of big unexpected surprises every night. At a time when more comedy clubs and stand-up spaces are emerging in Lisbon and the rest of the country, it is important to invest in these spaces to keep the stand-up alive and present and to have spaces for comedians to test new jokes and evolve every time most. I said the word “spaces” too many times, I’m sorry.”

During the shows, and to overcome the dry jokes, you can have a beer or a cocktail. And if the munchies hit it, there’s also a special Maxime Comedy Club menu. The annoying thing is that it’s not for free, but the prices are good.

Admission to the shows is €10 and tickets are for sale at Ticketline. The new dates of the shows will be informed on social networks and regular channels, as they are confirmed.

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Recalling the past and reinventing the future, Maxime Restaurante-Bar continues to be a reference comedy space in Lisbon, signed by Guilherme Duarte and Nuno Pires, produced by SETLIST.

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