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Covid-19 Prevention Plan

Published on:
May 1, 2020

Dear guests and partners,

At Real Hotels Group, the safety and well-being of our guests and staff are the top priority so, in response to the situation at COVID-19, we are taking the utmost precautions, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local health authorities, and we would like to share the actions we are taking, to make you feel completely safe with us. We have obtained the Turismo de Portugal Clean & Safe Certification and implemented new procedures to prevent the spread of the virus, in what concerns the cleaning methods in our rooms, restaurants and all public spaces, as well as the preparation of our teams. All in order to achieve the highest standards of cleaning, disinfection and hygiene.

Extraordinary measures adopted:

  • We have activated response teams to provide assistance 24 hours a day;
  • We have placed hand sanitizing gel in all service areas to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria;
  • Mandatory use of the appropriate PPE’s defined by law to the entire community;
  • We manage the guest flow to prevent circulation congestion;
  • Public bathrooms and elevators are cleaned every hour;
  • Public areas and restaurants are cleaned six times a day;
  • Meeting rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use;
  • We pay special attention to areas of frequent contact, such as door handles, buttons, tables, and counters and light switches;
  • We were advised on which cleaning products and protocols are effective against the virus;
  • All our suppliers and partners comply with all the hygiene and safety protocols of the hospitality sector, guaranteeing the customer a safe 360º experience;
  • We frequently review the food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations;
  • In case of suspected infection, we already have protocols to deal with it efficiently. Communication will be immediate and clear to guests and staff;
  • There may be situations of limitation to circulation and permanence in some areas, to ensure that there is no accumulation of people, as well as the suspension of certain restaurants, bars, spas, health club, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, and indoor pools; Same measures can be undertaken concerning entertainment activities and events.

We believe in responsible and safe travel, whilst staying vigilant and following the recommended procedures and protocols. Our mission is, and continues to be, to provide guests and external and internal partners with meaningful and valuable experiences, supported by a quality service, which translates into business sustainability, the personal development of employees and a positive contribution to the society.

Real Hotels Group thanks you for your support and loyalty.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan here.

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