History, Mission and Values

A good story never ends

In the last decade there were many events that shook our world and led us where we are today. In the 90s barriers were broken, borders were opened and we lived the fastest technological development in history.

While the world was ruled by change and globalization, a team of professionals was led by João Bernardino Gomes, against all trends, to invest on the excellence and on the Portuguese values. The belief was that these values would last forever.

In 1994, João Bernardino Gomes founded the Portuguese hotel group: Real Hotels and the first unit opened to the public in central Lisbon. Hotel Real Parque has become one of the landmark hotels of the Portuguese capital. Today our Group has 10 units in the regions of Lisbon and the Algarve.

In 2006, João Bernardino Gomes left us his legacy, under the Administration of Mrs. Auzíria Gomes. With nearly two decades of existence, the Group is ruled by the same principles and values on which it was initially built.

To be proud of whom we are, what and how we build is our greatest reward; we know that our story will always be different from the others. A story we tell with certainty and vehemence of the good Portuguese that we are. One that will always have a sequel as a good story never really ends.

We are concerned with our history; however we are always looking ahead to the future and our constant need to evolve. We follow the market trends, by diversifying, complementing our offer and providing appropriate experiences at every moment of our client’s life.



The Real Hotels mission is to provide our clients unique experiences in our Hotels, top quality products, with excellence in the service provided with the best quality and price ratios.



We always reach further beyond in accomplish our goals.
We are dedicated on a daily basis to those visiting us, we manage each project in a unique way and surpass our limits driven by the sole objective: elevating the Group's quality. Here, the impossible is merely an obstacle and tomorrow always presents a new target to achieve.

We are proud of who we are and what we have built

The Portuguese embrace that welcomes our visitors so beautifully, our gastronomy with flavours of a maritime people and the history of each hotel, make us unique. A journey through the Portuguese world in 9 destinations.

Constant search for perfection

We act with and for those who seek us out, because we believe that experience leads to perfection. At the end of each day we will always be the best.

Together we are one in delivering the best service.
The collaboration, dedication and coordination between all Real Hotel Teams enables us to attain the excellence for which we fight daily.


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