One of the best travel destinations in the world, awarded and distinguished by the international tourist community. Lisbon is a must!


Lisbon has an ancient history, consisting of advances and retreats between conquests and re-conquests. The best way is to go back to the origins of the city’s foundation. We thus suggest a visit to the Castle of St. George, the highest of the seven hills that once designed Lisbon’s profile. It is believed that it was in this city site that surged the first settlement that gave rise to Lisbon.

If the city’s history commences in the Castle, due to its imposing panoramic landscape, it is from here that you may also view the present and the future of the city. Leaving the Castle it is indispensable to pass through the Graça belvedere, the Alfama and Mouraria quarters, bound by popular culture, traditional shops and dozens of “fado” – traditional folk singing – restaurants.

Going downhill, we enter the Lisbon Baixa (Downtown), rebuilt in 1755, after the great earthquake, under the leadership of the Marquis of Pombal. Walk round the Baixa, discover its recesses, view the “Pombalina” architecture and enjoy some of the regional delicacies.
And should the Sun be inviting, the beaches of the Estoril coast, a mere 30 minutes away, also await your visit.

For the imaginative and the dreamers the invitation is to visit the ancestral palaces and gardens of Sintra (preferred sites of poets Byron and Beckford), to become acquainted with histories of kings, queens and artists.